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Al Hiza al-Azam (Leather Hardback)

Black Leather HardBack

Al-Hizb al-A'zam is a beautifully organized and comprehensive collection of invocations drawn from the Quran and Prophetic Sunna. Its wide range leaves uncovered hardly any area of worldly and otherworldly concern, and a complete reading might well put before Allah just about everything one would need in both this life and the next.
This work's acceptance is plainly visible in the multitudes of devotees who recite it regularly around the world. A lot of attention has been paid to it, from commentaries and translations to abridgements and rearrangements.
Though a number of illuminated copies exist in manuscript, no illuminated edition to our knowledge has yet become available in print. For an important book of prayers such as this, illumination provides an aesthetic touch that pleases the eye and enhances the reader's spiritual engagement with the text.
No effort has been spared in preparing this edition to bring about immense joy and pleasure for its readers.

The typeface used (with minor modifications) was prepared from the original naskh script of the internationally acclaimed Syrian calligrapher 'Uthman Taha, who is renowned for his beautiful, clear, and easy-to-read hand and who prepared the Madina Mushaf that is printed and read around the world today.
Each page is set in twelve lines of text, enclosed with a decorative gold and red frame.
The inner pages have been printed using five colours and varnished on coated stock.
They pages have been sewn for strength and durability and bound so that the book, when opened, lies flat without help of the hands, to facilitate easier reading.
The openings of the introduction and first section are adorned by illuminated headpieces in gold and other colours, while the remaining section titles are enclosed in embellished borders.
The n

Publisher: White THread
Author: Mulla Ali al Qari

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