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Islamic Manners

Written by one of the most outstanding scholars of the 20th century, Islamic Manners is a vital book that exemplifies the sublime Islamic Personality. Shaykh Abd al-Fattah Abu Ghuddah (1917 - 1997) was a leading scholar in the field of hadith and strove not only in narrating prophetic traditions but also making it a living reality.
This book discusses essential adab (manners) and covers the following areas: the scope of Islamic manners, importance of appearance, entering and leaving a house, the manners of visiting, the manners of conversation, social manners, communicating with non-Muslims, the manners of eating, weddings, visiting the sick and condolences.
Stay In Touch

If you can not visit your relatives, friends or acquaintance, you can still keep in touch by calling them or sending them a letter. This will leave them with a deep amicable impression, and will keep the relationship alive.

Al-Fadl Ibn Marwan, the vizier of the Abbasid Khalifah al-Mu'tasim, said, "enquiring about friends is like meeting them."

In this regard, I would like to quote two poems:

    If dear friends missed meeting each other

Publisher: Awakening
Author: Shaykh Abdul Fattah Abu Ghuddah
Pages: 88

Price: £5.95
Was: £7.95

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