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The Book of Character An Anthology of Writings on Virtue from Islamic and Other Sources

The essential qualities of human nature, including faith, trust, repentance, forgiveness, compassion, and mercy, are discussed in this collection of writings by some of the world's great sages, both ancient and contemporary. The advice of prophets Abraham, Moses, and Muhammad, the wisdom of Confucius and Buddha, and the prudence of saints, scholars, and even cyclists provide expert guidance for those looking to improve their spiritual well-being.

From the Back Cover "The journeys of the spiritual teachers of humanity, the prophets and messengers of God are eternal sources of inspiration for all souls who long for meaningfulness. Their experiences enlighten the way of humanity forever. Deep reflections on their journeys could inspire the modern world with so many meanings that our era lacks. Learning from them does not imply going back to the past; it is an invitation to humanity to refresh its memory of how a human being can fulfill his or her humanity with the hope that we might have a better future." ~ Aisha Rafea "According to Al-Ghazali, ‘A trait of character . . . is a firmly established condition of the sould, from which actions proceed easily without any need or thinking or forethought.’ A thing’s character is its essence, its true nature. Yet we talk about building human character, as if character were something that could develop over time. If our character is our true nature, isn’t it something we were born with? Why do we have to develop it? To say that someone ‘has character’ means he or she has taken some real steps toward becoming a true human being." ~ Charles Upton

About the Author --

Camille Helminski is a founder and director of the Threshold Society. She is a coauthor of Jewels of Remembrance: 365 Selections from the Wisdom of Rumi and Rumi: Daylight, and the author of Women of Sufism. She lives in Santa Cruz, California.

Publisher: The Book Foundation
Author: Camille Helminski
Pages: 484

Price: £16.95


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