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Clothing: Shukr for Men

Andalusian Shalwar Kamees
 The Andalusian Shalwar Kamees, which brings together the shape of a shalwar kameez and the style of our famous Moroccan Zaytuna Cloak.   Fabric: 70% Rayon 30% Cotton  ...
Hooded Moroccan Zaytuna Cloak
  LIMITED STOCK.    Shukr's best selling Bamboo and Cotton Zaytuna Cloak only gets better over the years. This is a must have ...
Khan Top
 This unique top can function either as a regular shirt or light jacket to wear over another top. Classic and flexible, it makes a great addition to your wardrobe.   Description: 
  • Open ...
Malay Shirt
 Bamboo & Cotton Malay Shirt. Simple and practical, this shirt has an irresistible touch of Southeast Asia. It makes a great addition to any Muslim man’s wardrobe, as it’s subtle ...
New York Shalwar Kameez
 65% Polyester   35% Viscose  ...
Pocketed Trousers
 Whether you wear these flexible pants for rough and tumble, or sitting crossed legged after prayer, you’ll appreciate the functional and comfy nature of these SHUKR favourites.     Description: 
  • Wide, ...
Rajul Trousers
 A new fit in SHUKR trousers. These latest trousers have a narrower fit at the hips, whilst still keeping the modest look you love.   Description: 
  • Casual fit
  • Zip ...
Sahara Trek Trousers
 Feel like going for a hike, or just walking to your local mosque for prayer? These are the trousers for you. Comfortable, with lots of pockets for your essentials, don’t get left behind! ...
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